Specialized Financial Expertise

Discover and follow the money

Our investigators have decades of banking, military, accounting, development, technology, auditing and legal experience. They have worked in operations, as regulators and compliance officers.

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Professional Investigation

Financial Fraud

Asset Recovery

All of our staff, pertinent to investigations, are appropriately licensed private investigators. We conduct detailed investigations including asset discovery and recovery, forensic accounting, as well as evidence acqusitiona nd analysis.

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We are experts in financial compliance. We can perform risk-reviews or locate money trails linked to assets and "hidden" accounts. Our expert financial investigators are trained in domestic and internationally anti-money laundering.

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We specialize in high-value asset recovery. Yachts, ships, planes, construction equipment, and more. If a note goes into default or an item is stolen, we will help get it back for you.

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Data Analysis

 Digital Forensics and Statistical Analysis

We are experts in statstical analysis of large datasets, specifically financial datasets. We use complex mathematical formulas in our proprietary software to narrow down and visualize where the fraud most likely exists.

Additionally our proprietary software can plot cell phone locations over time using CSLI and can compare to data on the phone to visually demonstrate and corroborate what happened when.

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